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1 was broken.

One of them came broken. Otherwise exactly as described.

It's great it works beautiful

honestly this is a really good bong. I was worried about the taste of the smoke from this, but it is amazing. no complaints here

best silicone bong on the market. love this thing

best silicone pipe in the game!

bitchin cool bong

really good beaker

waxmaid bubbler

thumbs up

cool pipe, but even better design

the poker tool comes in handy on this pipe!

already dropped it a couple times where i would have needed a replacement

shipping was quick and works as advertised. no complaints here

Pleased with my purchase

Love my little spoon pipe!

Cool Conch

Anyone care to channel their inner Lord of the Flies? All kidding aside, it hits super smooth and is easy to hold!

Can't Break it

It's perfect for a clumsy person like myself LOL

novelty piece

I absolutely love everything elephants and this is no different! I have used it a few times already and it works perfect.

Good for on the go

I throw it in my backpack and don't have to worry about it breaking on the go

This was great

Thanks so much for everything in here! You don't even realize how much you need it until you have it!

everything you need

All the essentials to rock and roll...


Eyce rigs are so clutch! Love it...thanks

hits nice

I love the neck shape on this beauty. Hits smooth and no water splashes up.


I surprised my girlfriend with this and she absolutely loved it

Love it

I got the mint "flavor". So cute :) Hits like a charm too!


The hybrid feature is very under hyped... AWESOME pipe!


I am very impressed with the overall quality and size. I also love how I can be cleaned so easily.