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Why Use Silicone Pipes?

There a lots of silicone water pipes and hand pipes on the market today due to their increase in popularity over the recent years. There are now tons of silicone bongs, dab rigs, bubblers, hand pipes, and other silicone products easily available in both online headshops as well as brick and mortar stores. For almost every glass pipe there are silicone pipes available that are identical in size and function.

Why have silicone pipes become so popular though and why would you want to use one? We did a little research by looking online and reaching out to our customers to see what benefits are associated with silicone pipes. What we found with them is that they are typically very hard to break, cheaper in price than glass, and are good for when you are out and about.

The biggest upside to using silicone pipes is that, as most people would expect, they are very durable and do not break easily like glass pipes do. Most silicone pipes are designed so that they can be dropped on the ground and have no damage done to them. The silicone that pipes are made of is soft and absorbs that shock of a fall very well, without comprising any quality of the pipe. One thing to note is that it is fairly common for silicone pipes to have some type of glass bowl or percolator. For these pipes you will want to be a little more careful when handling them because the glass parts could be vulnerable for breaking. With that being said, silicone pipes are generally still very durable.

Silicone Pipe

No one can complain about saving money. With silicone pipes, you are able to save money for two reasons. First off, compared to glass pipes, silicone pipes are typically cheaper in selling price. Although there are some name brand silicone companies that sell their products for a premium, generally silicone pipes that have the same function and design as glass pipes sell for cheaper. Secondly, you save money by using silicone pipes because you do not have to buy replacements as much. Since they don’t break as often as glass pipes, you saving money by purchasing less pipes over time. As we said, that is something no one can complain about!

silicone bong water pipesilicone travel bong water pipe

The last reason why it is good to use silicone pipes is because they are great when you are on a trip, or just out and about. Since they don’t break easily, you are able to be a little more careless with them and don’t have to worry about them breaking like glass pipes. Some silicone pipes such as our fold-able silicone bong are even designed to fit in your pocket so you can easily carry them with you. If you smoke often when you are out, a silicone pipe will be the perfect fit for you.


  • I still have a glass pipe and like using that but these are definitely good for traveling. I have only tried out a hand pipe though so I don’t know about how the silicone water pipes work yet
  • I bought my first silicone pipe about a year ago and have been hooked on them ever since! I have a little hand spoon pipe and love it 🤙

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