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Guide to Buying Silicone Pipes

This is the perfect guide to buying silicone pipes. With an endless selection of silicone pipes to choose from, there are many aspects you must considered to make sure you find one that is the perfect fit for you. When choosing a silicone hand pipe to smoke there are several factors we think are most important to consider. The color, shape, size, and of the pipe are what we think are the most crucial aspects that determine the right pipe for you.

Pipe Color

Silicone pipes are notorious for coming in tons of different colors. They have solid color pipes as well as multi-color pipes for make for an endless selection of silicone pipe colors. They have everything from all black silicone pipes to girly, pink silicone pipes with lots of magenta and purples. Depending on your preference, you will want to make sure to choose the right color pipe. The last thing you want to do is buy a pipe that is ugly for you to look at.

Pipe Shape

What do you want to know about pipe shapes? Standard silicone hand pipe shapes include spoon pipes, Sherlock pipes, and more. Depending on how and where you use the pipe will determine which shape is good for you. If you want to look classy and help keep ash from going down the pipe, you want a Sherlock. The curve in the pipe works as the perfect ash catcher. If you want something more simple you can grab yourself a spoon pipe. To be honest, spoon pipes are timeless and never fail. They are always simple to use and work great anywhere. If you want something more extravagant, you can also look into chillum pipes, steam roller pipes, and others.

Pipe Size

Whether you want a small, medium, or big size pipe is up to you. As a word of advice, if you are planning on taking your pipe with you, it is probably best to get a small pipe as they are easy to carry and use. If you plan on chilling at home, a bigger pipe where you don’t light your eye brows off might be best.


The typical price for a silicone dry hand pipe will run you about $10 to $30, however, that can vary depending on what pipe you buy. Standard, unbranded silicone pipes are cheaper and are great for those on a budget. If you are willing to spend a little more, you can get a name brand pipe from reputable companies such as Eyce Molds and Waxmaid. If you have more money to spend you can get a specialty pipe which can sometimes run up to $50 or more. These are highly priced for a reason and are always great for collecting. Oppositely, you can get a cheap pipe that is simple and plain. If you are traveling a lot and plan to take your pipe with you, these are perfect for that as you do not carry the stress of losing a high dollar pipe.

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