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Eyce Silicone Bong Review

This Eyce silicone bong review was written and done by one of our representatives, Jessica Garcia, who is an expert in the field and has many years of experience in the smoking industry. She used the silicone bong for over a week before writing this review. See what she has to say about the Eyce silicone beaker bong below.

Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong

I was very excited to finally give the Eyce silicone beaker bong a full in-depth review. Eyce beaker bongs are hands down, the most popular silicone bongs in the smoking industry and they set the standard for what all other silicone bongs should be. When I finally got my hands on one, I was super excited to try it out and see what it is all about. Since these bongs are notoriously known for being good travel partners, I decided to take it on a trip with me and use it while traveling so I can truly experience what the bong is like. Below is the overall review of the Eyce 12” silicone beaker bong.

Eyce 12” Beaker First Impressions

Eyce makes two different beaker bong sizes and I decided to try out the 12” bong first, since that seems to be the most popular bong height. My first impression when seeing the bong was definitely a good one. I was surprised by the silicone work and how clean everything looked. You can not see any seams on the bong and it has a nice vibrant colors. One of the first things I noticed is how many “extras” are on the bong. It has a stash container connected to the bong that actually detaches from the bottom base so you are able to have a small storage place. I liked this right off the bat because I knew that would come in handy as I was traveling with the bong. It also comes with a handy poker took so you can easily clean the bowl when using.


The biggest benefits of this bong is that it is ideal for travel, comes with extra goodies, is good quality silicone, and is also cheaply priced.

Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong 12 Inch

Good Travel Bong

So as I mentioned above, I took this bong on a small vacation trip with me to see how it would work. On my vacation, we did some light hiking and exploring, and took the bong with me everywhere. As you could imagine, it is great for traveling because you do not need to worry about breaking it like a typical glass bong. It easily fit in my backpack when we were hiking and did not bother me at all. It is also a little lighter compared to heavier thick glass bongs so I did not even feel like I was carrying anything. One thing to note though is that the bowl of the bong actually is made of glass, so you need to watch for that when carrying, but for the most part it is not an issue.

Extra Goodies

The little extra stash container on this bong comes in clutch and is absolutely perfect for what I used it for. In particular, when we were out hiking it worked great because you can carry all your smoking supplies in the bottom of the bong. It makes smoking on the go super easy and incredibly convenient. Although the stash jar is not super big, it is spacious enough to get all the stuff you need in order to sesh it up!

High Grade Silicone

The last benefit of the Eyce silicone bong is that it actually made of high medical grade silicone. It is completely safe to smoke out of and has a great feel when holding it in your hand. Most impressively is that they offer this bong in a large variety of different colors. This allows you to pick your favorite color combos so that the pipe is personalized for you. 

Cheaply Priced

Compared to bongs of the same height and dimensions, the Eyce silicone beaker bong is very fairly priced. Beaker bongs like this can run up $100 or even $150 depending on the name brand and glass or silicone quality. At only $79.99, this bong is practically a steal! Not only is it very cheaply priced, but you also do not have to worry about spending money replacing any breakage since this bong is made from medical grade silicone. Instead of buying an expensive glass bong that you have a more than likely chance of breaking, you can wisely invest in the Eyce silicone beaker bong.

Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong

Final Review

Overall this is a fine silicone bong that I would recommend to anyone. If you travel a lot and like to bring your bong with you, then I can guarantee you will not find one more perfect than this. The light weight of the bong combined with its durability truly makes this the ideal travel companion. Although I keep mentioning the benefits from traveling, this bong can still be utilized and enjoyed by those who stay at home. It is especially great for all the clumsy smokers to use and to also use with big groups. For clumsy smokers, this bong prevents you from having to buy a new one every time you tip it over and break your glass bong. It works great for group smoking as well because, let’s face it, the more a bong gets passed around the more of a chance it has of breaking. By using a silicone bong when you are seshing with your friends, you eliminate the chance of that happening. So all in all, this is a great quality bong and you really get what you pay for with this one. I give this a thumbs up and recommend you to give it a try as well!

If you have any other question about our Eyce silicone bong review, please feel free to comment below. If there was something we left out or something you would like to know we will do our best to help.

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