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Are Silicone Pipes Safe to Smoke out of?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers is whether or not silicone pipes are safe to smoke out of. Obviously smoking can be hazardous to your health, however, what we are talking about is whether any harmful toxins can be emitted into the smoke from the silicone pipe itself. Since silicone hand pipes and water pipes have just recently been becoming popular, not that many people know a lot of information about them. Not everyone knows exactly what they are made or whether they are more hazardous to use than glass pipes. Well just to clarify, silicone pipes are not made from any hazardous materials and they are perfectly fine to smoke out of. Below we go a little further in depth to explain the process of making silicone and why silicone pipes are just as safe to use as glass pipes.

What is Silicone Made of?

Have you ever gotten confused between the words silicon and silicone? Well if you have you are in the same boat as a lot of people. Here is why the mix up commonly happens. Silicone is actually comprised of silicon and oxygen. Silicon is a natural element that is very commonly found in the crust of the Earth and is listed 14th on the Periodic Table with the symbol “Si”. In order to make silicone, atoms in the silicon and oxygen are altered and then go through a process where they are combined with other elements such as carbon and hydrogen. The end result is the rubbery, plastic hybrid that we call silicone. Silicone is incredibly durable and is very resistant to both hot and cold temperatures. There are many applications for silicone and it is used across many of today’s industries. Silicone is commonly found the medical and electronics industries and is also commonly used to make many kitchen appliances.

Are Silicone Pipes Safe?

Although we already mentioned above that silicone pipes and water pipes are perfectly fine to smoke out of, we want to tell you why. Silicone is incredibly heat resistant and can reach temperatures close to about 650° Fahrenheit without melting or deforming. This is never an issue with smoking out of silicone hand pipes or water pipes though because the silicone never comes in direct contact with the flame for a long period of time. All silicone smoking pipes come equipped with glass or metal herb bowls to ensure the lighter flame does not come in contact with the silicone. We must note though that silicone pipes are only safe to use with glass or metal bowls. Please make sure you do not pack herbs in a silicone pipe without a glass or metal bowl. If the lighter flame stays in contact with the silicone for long enough, it is possible for it to start deforming. Do not worry though! All of the silicone hand pipes and water pipes in our online headshop are equipped with bowls and are perfectly safe to smoke out of. We only carry the best bongs & water pipes, dab rigs, bubblers, nectar collectors, and pipes and can ensure all are perfectly safe for using.


  • Good read… I have had my silicone pipe for a while now and have no complaints.

    Lawrence Judson
  • Thank you for posting this info 🙌 I have heard different things about silicone pipes and I have had one for a while so I am glad to see it is safe. I have one with the glass bowl 😊

  • I love my silicone hand pipe! I have one similar to the 4 inch pipe in your store and it has always worked well for me. No complaints and it smokes just like glass pipes do. If you dont have a silicone hand pipe yet you need to get on the train!


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